I just heard a newly employed person in a temporary job say that he has figured out that the one thing he doesn’t want is a job where he sits in front of a computer all day.

That pretty much leaves unemployment as his options. Does anyone NOT sit in front of computer all day? No, don’t start listing all the non-computer-sitting jobs there are. I know there are a few left, or will be until the robots take them. They’ll take the ones in the cubicles too, eventually, but we still have a little bit of meanwhile left.

So meanwhile! I think we need to reverse the trend to smaller and more portable computers and build some LARGER, full-body computers that require some exertion and sense of leg-churning and upper-body grappling with the information being manipulated. Forget those weak halway measures like standing at your desk as an option, or even mere treadmilling while working. Attach that tread underfoot to the scrolling feature on the screen! Change the keyboard into whack-a-mole mallet-typing! Make the Exit Buttons at the top right into Zombies that need to be dealt with before you can move on to the next page. Can’t the mouse be a light saber? Where is all the Tech Imagination here when we’re falling asleep at our desks?