I don’t see how it’s possible to resist the temptation to link the storm affecting the GOP convention with divine judgment. Anyway I’m not going to resist. The conservative religious moment has identified itself so strongly with one political party, that this only seems right and just. Were this weather event to visit the Democratic convention, you can be sure that many in the GOP would privately consider it to be a judgment on the gay-loving liberals, and probably not so privately.

So you have my permission to read it as sympathy in the heavens for gay rights, or women’s rights, or immigrant rights, or economic justice, or universal health care, if you like, with my blessing. But I’m going to try to leverage it beyond those things into a reminder to the GOP to stop and think about climate FOR JUST ONE MINUTE, out of the many minutes they will have twiddling their thumbs waiting for their chance to put on their stupid button-strewn hats and blow their kazoos at the perfidy of the sitting president. That’s right, GOP, look down at those oil-stained thumbs that spin so easily around each other and think about something other than energy profits. Think about the people, your children possiblyly included, who will have their lives smashed, burned up, blown down, dried up or washed away by willful blindness and denial of how we are wrecking earth’s climate.

I’ll also ask the press down there to do the same. The media have correctly pointed out the obvious fact that NO REAL NEWS WILL BE MADE at the convention, so it logically follows that they sent 15,000 of themselves to cover the nothing. This will give them the excuse to write about themselves, their favorite topic. Well, now you also have the weather. Cover it properly.