Explain this. After telling us that Bill Clinton’s sexual dalliance was an extraordinary, unforgivable threat to the public morality, and that the marriage of committed, loving gay people is an intolerable threat to the institution of marriage, the conservative “values voters” of South Carolina not only listen politely to Newt Gingrich’s remarks about his adultery, but then CHEER.

Listen respectfully? Okay. Find some forgiveness in their hearts for Newt’s human frailty that neither they, nor Gingrich in particular somehow ever found for Clinton? Okay. Be all of a sudden annoyed by the same media that dragged Monica’s blue dress across the news landscape? Okay. But cheering? Tell me what that could mean. This was adultery. You know, the biblically forbidden Ten Commandments adultery that is on those stone tablets they are always trying to erect in the public square. This is the kind of thing that they claim is bedrock to the way they view the family and the morality of personal conduct. Cheering?

What will the children think? All those years of squirming in the church pews listening to the preacher talk and talk and talk about sin, and then in three minutes have it all swept away by listening to their conservative parents cheering Mr. Serial Adultery. CHEERING. Jesus forgave, but I don’t remember him cheering. Explain it to me. No, don’t bother. Explain it to your kids.