Why must we suffer? Because we can’t focus on the important things. This is Toles’ Law: People Find the Most Important Things Boring. There may be other Toles’ Laws, from past blog posts, I can’t remember. That’s another Toles’ Law right there, Toles Can’t Remember. But I digress. Another one! Toles Digresses!

Ahem. People can’t focus on the most important things. I’ll name three right now. Climate (yawn). Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria (yawwwn). And Healthcare Costs ((Snooze button). The first of these will wreck the planet, and the second will kill you, and the third will bankrupt you but you’ll already be dead, and buried in a wrecked planet, so hit that snooze button one more time and roll over in your grave! Healthcare costs is the easiest problem of the three and we can’t even get that one right because we keep not seeing that it’s the problem. All the fights in Washington, which everybody gets so excited about are more or less budget related. Deficit related. We can’t get ENOUGH of fighting about the deficit. The deficit! Out of control spending! Entitlements! Just keep shouting those words and phrases and see where it gets you. It gets you here, where we are, which is nowhere.

Now, if you were REALLY interested in those things, you would focus on what’s causing them, don’t you think? I’D think, but I’d be wrong. Because the deficit problem is a Healthcare Cost problem, and you can’t focus on that, because it’s actually important! Toles’ law! http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2013/10/reminder-day-when-it-comes-long-term-spending-its-all-health-care-baby Takeaway line from this story? “the United States’ world-record health care costs.” There you have it. WE ARE OVERPAYING ridiculous amounts for average Western care. That’s our budget problem. That’s our political problem. There it is, right there. Take a good long look at it and think about it, if you’re having trouble sleeping, that is.