Ever wonder about the value of those advertising searchlights that send a beam of light circling around on the undersides of clouds? Yes, they get attention, but what kind? Oh there’s a beam! It’s lighting the clouds! What’s it about? I don’t know, somebody doing something, somewhere.

Media coverage of the shutdown is a little like that. A lot of clouds. A lot of undirected light. A lot of interviews with and strategizing about the ‘key players’, as if the clouds determine which way the wind is blowing. Is this a case of a small minority of legislators holding the government hostage? No. How could they? A small minority gets outvoted. There is something else going on that has empowered this minority and continues to enable them. What would that be? Let’s see.


Money again? Why do I keep talking about money in politics and its role in this colossally damaging hostage-taking of the nation? Because nobody else is. When the coverage starts getting this right, I’ll go back to writing about robots and the Farragut North Metro station. Meanwhile, money it is. Most interesting sentence from this report? “Not a single member of the House or Senate elected last year won without financial assistance from this group.” Think about that for just a minute. Follow the puppet strings upward and see who’s up there. They didn’t give these campaign contributions for charitable purposes. They were buying power. You get what you pay for. Well, you got it, now what are you going to do with it?