MORE bad news from the Limitations of Technology file. Americans don’t like the word ‘impossible.’ They don’t like it not because of their can-do spirit. (There IS no real can-do spirit. See the national conversation on clean energy, just for one example). No, Americans don’t like the word ‘impossible’ because they want what they want when they want it, and ‘impossible’ seems like it might interfere with that.

Americans want to travel in space the way they do it the movies that they have seen WITH THEIR OWN EYES. A certain new owner of this very publication likes space and maybeI should adjust my skeptical position on this subject lest I find myself on an involuntary one-way mission to the Andomeda Galaxy. But one thing we WON’T be doing is beamming anybody up anywhere anytime soon.

Here’s just another report that spoils the science fiction fun.

Teleporting might be harder than it looks on TV! Turns out that re-assembling a human brain is more complicated that you might think. 4.55 x 10E42 bits of data is quite a ‘bit’, so to speak, and transferring it would take oh, “around 4.85 x 10E15* years.” In other words, forever.

This is probably also going to confound those of you who are planning to ‘upload your brains’ into a computer and live forever. You are going to need to live forever just to complete this uploading, so Houston we have a problem. The other problem of course is there is no way to upload your feelings with the data, so you wouldn’t be able to ‘enjoy’ your ‘life’ in a circuit board, and your new flattened affect would make you even more tiresome to listen to when you describe your immortality than you are now.

*(numbers corrected)