Nancy Grace and Tristan Macmanus haven’t gotten great scores all season, but Monday night may have sealed their fate. (Adam Taylor/ABC)

HLN’s High Priestess of Hootin’ and Hollerin’, Nancy Grace did not get to deliver her verdict on the Dr. Conrad Murray trial Monday afternoon when the jury’s verdict was read. She had committed to performing a tango and a jive on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” for which sacrifice, the dance competition’s three judges awarded her the lowest scores of the night and forecast she’d get the hook Tuesday night. Nothing but sacrifice for Nancy!

But our Nancy’s known for making pie out of mincemeat. Backstage, after failing to dazzle “Dancing” judges with a cartwheel during her jive performance, she held court with reporters from various Hollywood publications, so they could tell America she had found the prosecution guilty. Guilty, that is, of going after Murray on an involuntary manslaughter charge in the drug-related death of pop star Michael Jackson — when he “should have gotten Murder One.”

But, she noted, on the bright side, there’s always the court of God:

“When he gets out, I’ve got news for him: God’s gonna get him,” she prattled on optimistically to the gaggle of reporters who hang around backstage at the hit ABC reality show in hopes of getting a few words with the celebs.

“He’s gonna be mis-er-able! He can run, but he can’t hide. Hey! He and Casey Anthony can have a tea party in four years!”

Grace’s I-report-I-decide coverage of the trial of Casey Anthony, who was charged with killing her young daughter, churned up record ratings for the Network Formerly Known as Headline News. Particularly popular was her “Somewhere out there, the devil’s dancing tonight!”gag, delivered after that verdict was read.

To set the record straight, Grace also wanted the backstage gaggle to know she has not shirked her responsibilities when it came to “Michael Jackson” and “trials” over the years, noting she’s been talking about the King of Pop ever since he was charged with child molestation years back.

Plus, in re this latest Jackson-related trial, she noted, “I made it very clear what I thought after I read the autopsy report and the state’s and the defense’s evidence. Yes, of course I would have liked to weigh in on the verdict, but I’ve weighed in what I thought the verdict would be, including WHAT it would be and WHEN it would come in.

“Luckily, I was two for two,” she simpered — because, of course, luck had nothing to do with it, right?

She’s still pretty knicker knotted about the charge leveled against Murray in the first place.

“I think the whole charging decision was wrong,” she said backstage, according to various press reports.

“He should have been charged with Murder One... He should be doing life behind bars.”

That said, the woman who’s 2-fo-2 predicted Murray’s gonna get jail time when he’s sentenced later this month and she scoffs at those forecasting house arrest. The max Murray can get is four years in the hoosegow.

Grace a master of self promotion, reminisced that she’d heard Murray’s defense attorney “want[ed] the jury sequestered from Nancy Grace.”

“I can only say that his client is charged with standing by, talking on the phone to his girlfriend while the King of Pop — a music icon — lay on that bed and died ... I don’t think it was altogether a bad thing that they asked the jury to be sequestered from me.”

That’s our Nancy!