Nick Lachey (NBC)

No judges.

“The Winner Is” hails from the creator and one of the producers of NBC’s “The Voice,” which itself is down noticeably this fall compared to its most recent, spring edition, even when you take out the spring’s boffo post-Super Bowl episode.

This show, in success, would save the network a bundle. Lachey can’t be that expensive: NBC noted his most recent gig was hosting three seasons of its own, unsuccessful singing competition, “The Sing Off.”

On this new show, contestants are judged by studio audience vote.

Sure there’s some expense. Each week, two singers go head to head and perform. After each showdown, the studio audience votes for the best performer. The singer who loses is booted. But before the winner is announced, the players are offered a cash amount to walk from the competition. The dollar amount goes up with every round.

In the finale, eight singers will duel and negotiate. When, finally, just two singers remain, they’re each offered $100,000 to walk. If neither does, the studio audience voting determines who gets the $1 million prize.

Even so, “The Winner Is” is dirt cheap.