The cast of "Buckwild" (MTV)

“Buckwild,” MTV’s West Virginia-set “Jersey Shore” replacement, has snagged a second-season renewal.

Running in the Thursday 10 p.m. timeslot that was once home to MTV’s hit “Jersey Shore,” “Buckwild” is the night’s No. 1 television program among 12-34 year olds who are MTV’s target audience.

Among viewers of all ages, “Buckwild” has been averaging 3 million viewers per episode – which puts it on par with NBC’s unveiling of “Do No Harm” at 10 p.m. this past Thursday.

In that age bracket, “Buckwild” is 2013’s No. 3 ranked cable program overall, behind only ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” and MTV’s own “Catfish: The TV Show.”

 We wondered how news of the “Buckwild” pick-up had been received by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.). Before the show’s unveiling, Manchin had written to Viacom-owned MTV demanding it be canceled because, among other complaints, it “plays to ugly, inaccurate stereotypes about the people of West Virginia.”

 We called seeking comment; at presstime, we had received no response. In fairness, Manchin’s been busy this week, giving an interview to USA Today in which, the paper reported, he seemed surprised when asked whether he owned a gun, pointing out that he is from West Virginia.

 (Manchin’s the guy who famously blasted a copy of an environmental bill with a rifle, in a 2010 campaign ad.)

Anyway, MTV prefers to think of “Buckwild” as series about “a group of nine young, carefree and adventurous friends living in West Virginia, who find unique ways to create their own fun.”

MTV has been running two back-to-back episodes of the docu-soap each Thursday, including this week, which will close out the show’s  initial order from the network.

 MTV plans to air “Buckwild” outtakes at 11 p.m. Thursday. And, you can already pre-order the “Buckwild: Season One Uncensored” DVD on MTV’s Web site.