Dylan McDermott in “American Horror Story.” (PRASHANT GUPTA/FOX)

Dylan McDermott (“American Horror Story”) has been cast as an FBI agent at the center of a political conspiracy in CBS’s Washington-set Jerry Bruckheimer drama pilot “Hostages.”

Specifically, McDermott’s character is envisioned as a “righteous FBI agent” at the center of the conspiracy involving the President of the United States, according to the pilot write-up making the media rounds.

Only, the agent’s role in the whole thing is going to come as a big surprise. Because, it’s a Jerry Bruckheimer drama pilot.

 Toni Collette has already been cast in “Hostages” as a surgeon in Washington — a “successful” surgeon, according to the show write-up, which goes without saying, what with her having been selected to cut open POTUS.

 Only, this successful surgeon’s family is taken hostage — because, as we said, it’s a Jerry Bruckheimer drama pilot. Now she has to save her family.

 “Hostages” is based on a series developed for TV in Israel. Kind of like that other Washington conspiracy drama “Homeland,” which runs on Showtime. Which is owned by CBS.