“Once Upon a Time” (Jack Rowand/ABC)

Meanwhile, its new retro-chic drama “Pan Am” only got an order for five more scripts. That’s better than nothing, of course — and much better than the cancellation NBC handed to this season’s other new retro-chic drama, “Playboy Club” — but still, it’s not the ringing endorsement the producers had hoped for.

“Once Upon a Time,” the fairytale drama featuring Snow White, The Evil Queen, Rumpelstiltskin, and Geppetto, among others – yes, seriously -- is the new drama hit of the season, which we’re sure says something about the state of the country but we’re trying not to think about that. More than 12 million people are watching and it’s also tops among new dramas with 18-49 year old viewers, who are advertiser catnip.

“Happy Endings” is not a new comedy series –it debuted last spring but only had a short order going into the new season, despite its plum post-“Modern Family” timeslot. It’s losing a lot of its “Modern Family” leadin audience — the most recent episode logged under 8 million viewers — but it’s ratings are growing, and that’s something.