Serena, the object of Dan’s love. (Giovanni Rufino/THE CW)

While it’s “GG’s” most-watched episode since April of ’11, and highest rated among its target 18-34 year old chicks since February of that year, it’s nowhere near the kind of numbers “GG” clocked in its second season when it hit a series high of 3.7 million viewers.

In fairness, the jury’s still out on the finale, ratings-wise, given that “GG” is one of CW’s most DVR’d, and otherwise watched later, shows. This season “GG’s” audience tends to grow 50 percent when you add in everyone watching up to seven days after broadcast, and 66 percent in the target chick age bracket.

Seems Dan, the outsider from Brooklyn who was in love with Upper East Side princess Serena, launched the blog so he could reveal Serena’s pals’ dirt, and some of his own, so he’d seem more UES-ish. After the initial shock, the UES-ers had a good laugh over the whole thing and they all lived happily ever after, according to the flash forward of the show’s final moments.