Adrian Pasdar (Valerie Macon/GETTY IMAGES)

USA finally announced a premiere date for the six-episode “event series” that marks Sigourney Weaver’s debut as a TV-series regular: Sunday, July 15 at 10 p.m. ET, saying the show will “anchor” the basic cable net’s summer lineup.

Pasdar’s President Paul Garcetti is the guy who defeated Weaver’s character, Elaine Barrish, in her bid for the presidency, after which he appointed Elaine his new Secretary of State. Elaine is a former First Lady, having been married to the charismatic, philandering ex-POTUS who will be played by Ciaran Hinds.

 As Garcetti, Pasdar — maybe best known to serious students of TV as “Heroes’s” Nathan Petrelli — plays “a smart man who uses every resource at his disposal to his advantage,” and who “deftly employs Elaine’s popularity to deflect unwanted attention,” USA said.

 Pasdar’s POTUS is a “recurring” character, though he’s scheduled to appear in all six of the “event series” episodes.