Scott Gimple (AMC)

AMC unveils new “The Walking Dead” showrunners like FX unveils new “American Horror Story” storyline — nearly every season.

 Wednesday, AMC officially announced that “Dead’s” supervising producer Scott M. Gimple had been promoted to exec producer and showrunner, confirming press reports from January.

Gimple’s replacing Glen Mazzara on the zombie drama. That makes Gimple the third showrunner in four seasons.

 Mazzara, in turn, had replaced Frank Darabont after he left early in the second season.


AMC also announced it had promoted co-exec producer (who is also the show’s special effects makeup supervisor and sometime director) Greg Nicotero to exec producer, and had done same for producer Tom Luse.

 Presumably, one of them will replace Gimple when he decides he’s told the stories he wanted to tell, and connected with his fans on a level he never imagined was possible, and decided it was time to move on — like Mazzara did around the end of season 3.

 As exec producers, they’re joining exec producers Robert Kirkman,  whose comic books are the basis of the series, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert. Anway, the show is festooned in exec producers for its fourth season, which begins production May 6 in Atlanta.

 AMC exec vp Joel Stillerman, who always seems to be around when a “Walking Dead” showrunner decides to pursue other opportunities, said that Gimple’s  voice has been integral to the show since he joined the production; seems Gimple’s the guy who wrote last season’s gripping mid-season finale, which revealed Sophia in the barn.

And yet, Gimple allows himself to be photographed in argyle sweaters over cat neckties.
When Mazzara left, clearing the way for Gimple to rise to showrunner, Mazzara and the network said the parting was a mutual decision, but others fluttering around the show said Kirkman helped show Mazzara the way out.