Zombies in “The Walking Dead” (AMC/AP)

In case you missed it, Dish and AMC Networks have been embroiled in a feud since earlier this year, when Dish told AMC Networks it would not carry its channels, given that Dish is required to carry the company’s lower-rated channels (IFC, WE tv) along with AMC’s more popular shows. AMC says the shows were dropped because of an older, unrelated lawsuit between the companies.

Anyway, with the feud nowhere near a resolution, AMC decided zombies were the way to proceed — watch as the creatures wander New York City as part of AMC’s “Put Zombies Back” campaign.

“ZOMBIES DON’T BELONG HERE,” reads the text at the end of the video, as a zombie drags a dismantled Dish satellite dish behind him. “PUT THEM BACK ON TV.”

The web site notes that the new season of “The Walking Dead” begins Oct. 14.