Anderson Cooper (GUS RUELAS/REUTERS)

“Anderson,” which debuted last September, has had many staff changes, along with some middling ratings — his end-of-season numbers put him behind other hosts including Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Ripa and Rachael Ray, though he was ahead of Nate Berkus and Wendy Williams.

Among the changes for Season 2:

* The show will now be known as “Anderson Live.”

* The show will be live to tape the same day, instead of days in advance.

* Anderson will be joined each day by a new co-host.

The show’s new set with live capabilities will enable Cooper to cover stories while they are breaking, the announcement added, along with allowing him to update viewers with the latest news.

“Our biggest overall goal for ‘Anderson Live’ is to take the best elements of daytime and put it in a show that works in 2012,” said executive producer Terence Noonan, who has stayed in charge of the show in the wake of multiple producer exits.

The second season of Cooper’s show debuts Sept. 10.