CBS News announced Tuesday that "60 Minutes" commentator" Andy Rooney, who has appeared on the show since 1978, will be stepping away as the newsmag's regular commentator after this Sunday's edition.  Sunday's appearance will be Rooney's 1097th original essay for the weekly newsmag, and will be preceded by a segment on the program in which Rooney looks back on his career in an interview with Morley Safer.

Who's the most likely candidate to accomplish  the daunting task of filling his shoes. Here's your chance to cast your vote!

And, please share with us your standout Andy Rooney moments in the comments, from "60 Minutes" or elsewhere.

 For us, its the time,  back in February of 2005,  when we telephoned Mr. Rooney to give a heartfelt apology for that day's TV Column in which, among other things, we wrote about the TV Decency Police having nixed a cough medicine ad that featured Mickey Rooney's bare bottom, scheduled to be unveiled in the very first Super Bowl after the one in which Janet Jackson's right breast had made its national TV debut.

Only we, stupidly and incorrectly, used the name "Andy" instead of "Mickey" -- because Mickey Rooney will always be "Andy Hardy" to us, causing confusion since childhood.

It was a low point in our career as a TV columnist but, despite his reputation as America's Greatest Living Curmudgeon, Andy Rooney could not have been more gracious during that phone conversation.


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