andy rooney

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Updated: Andy Rooney will announce on Sunday’s “60 Minutes” that it will be his last regular appearance on the newsmagazine. Rooney, 92, has been featured on the program since 1978.

Sunday’s appearance will be Rooney’s 1097th original essay for “60 Minutes,” and will be preceded by a segment in which Rooney looks back on his career in an interview with Morley Safer, CBS News said.

Rooney’s very first essay, delivered in July of ’78, was about the reporting of automobile fatalities over the July 4 weekend.

However, Rooney didn’t become a regular feature on the show until that fall. Before getting the end slot to himself a year later in 1979, Rooney alternated weeks with James J. Kilpatrick and Shana Alexander,

“He’ll hate hearing this, but he’s an American original,” CBS News chairman Jeff Fager said Tuesday in the announcement.


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