Ashton Kutcher stops by "Late Show With David Letterman" (CBS/CBS)

Mere weeks before Ashton Kutcher appears in the first Charlie Sheen-less “Two and a Half Men” episode, the actor stopped by “Late Show With David Letterman” to plug the show and give almost zero information about his new character.

Kutcher (who showed up in his best protective gear after the “Late Show” security threat) confirmed he will be playing a billionaire Internet entrepreneur named Walden Schmidt, who is getting over a nasty divorce.

But other than that, we didn’t learn much — other than more confirmation that Sheen’s character is really most sincerely dead.

“How do you come in? This is like jumping off a truck running,” Dave asked.

“No, that was Charlie’s character,” Kutcher snarked.

“Charlie's character’s no longer with us,” Kutcher said carefully.

Letterman pressed: “How does he die? We know he dies. How does he die? Seriously? Heart attack?”

“He dies because he is no longer living,” Kutcher clarified.

Later, Kutcher offered another tidbit after Letterman accused him of going on Leno next week and spilling everything.

“Im very heartbroken over this break-up that’s taking place...and I may in some way, shape or form be trying to kill myself.”

Cue pause by Letterman.

“I’m no genius, but what better way to kick of the new season of a sitcom than with a suicide?” Letterman asked.

Watch the full interview here: