Barbara Walters (Chris Pizzello/CHRIS PIZZELLO/INVISION/AP)

Barbara Walters is returning to her daytime talker “The View” on March 4 — more than a month after leaving unexpectedly to recover from a concussion and the chicken pox.

“Hello, my darlings. I’m so glad to be talking to you. . . . I really miss you,” she told The Ladies of “The View” via telephone Tuesday.

Babs has been MIA since January, when she traveled to Washington to attend President Obama’s inauguration.

Her troubles started when she missed a step while attending a party at the British ambassador’s residence, cutting her head and suffering a concussion.

Turns out, she’d fainted. Besides her getting six stitches, doctors discovered that she had a low-grade temperature.

But the perils of Babs did not stop there. While trying to discover the root cause of the temperature, doctors discovered that Babs was suffering from late-onset chicken pox.