ABC News-woman and “The View” den mom Barbara Walters has asked Donald Trump to stop embarrassing himself, ABC noted Thursday.

Donald Trump offers to pay $5 million to the charity of President Obama's choice if Obama releases his college and passport records. (Trump Organization/REUTERS)

First, she let the Ladies of “The View” yak a bit about Trump’s “big announcement” during their “hot topics” segment.

“May I say one thing to Donald Trump?” Babs intervened.

“I’m going to say it to his face,” she said.

And by “his face,” she of course meant “the camera.”

“Donald, you and I have known each other for many years. And you know I am your friend and I think you are a brilliant businessman, and you are great on television, and you have a fascinating personality,” Babs said, looking hard into the camera.

“Donald, you’re making a fool of yourself,” she continued. “You are not hurting Obama — you’re hurting Donald, and that hurts me, because you’re a decent man. Stop it. Get off it, Donald.”

Shortly thereafter, Trump responded, via Twitter:

“@BarbaraJWalters @theviewtv Barbara, unfortunately you’ve missed the entire point of my announcement — you just don’t get it!”

“@BarbaraJWalters @theviewtv will apologize to me just like she did when I was right about @Rosie. Besides, I get great ratings on The View.”

And, for good measure:

“@BarbaraJWalters @theviewtv — Why did you choose me as one of the 10 Most Fascinating People of the year last season (and more than once?)”

 On David Letterman’s CBS late night show, taped just hours later Thursday, Trump did not take Bab’s advice.

“What did I miss in this? Why do we want to see President Obama’s college records?” Letterman wondered.

“Transparency. Does that make sense to anybody? Seriously!” Trump responded.  

“He picks up $5 million for his favorite charity, David — $5 million. From me. Immediately. I’d even go more, to be honest.”

“And, here’s the thing — you’d be surprised — I hope everything’s perfect,” Trump continued.

“I want it to be perfect. It very well might be.”