The fatal bombings at the finish line of the Boston marathon and ensuing manhunt have riveted TV viewers.

 Nearly 11 million people tuned in to NBC’s evening newscast on Monday — the day two bombs went off near the finish line of the race, killing three and injuring more than 100. That preliminary Nielsen stat is 2.3 million viewers ahead of NBC’s newscast results for the previous Monday.

 ABC’s newcast also clocked about 2 million more viewers than it had the previous Monday — averaging an audience of 9.6 million

 Another 8 million watched CBS’s evening newscast Monday — about 1.2 million more people than the broadcast averaged two Mondays back (numbers for last week’s Monday newscast on CBS are muddied due to a sports overrun).

 Monday through Thursday, NBC’s newscast averaged 9.3 million viewers, besting ABC’s 8.3 million, and CBS’s 7.1 mil.

 Fox News Channel averaged nearly 4 million primetime viewers Monday; CNN averaged 2.8 million and MSNBC 1.3 million.

 Through Thursday, FNC has averaged 2.8 million primetime viewers, followed by CNN’s 1.6 million and MSNBC’s 975,000.