Bryan Cranston as Walter White in “Breaking Bad.” (Ursula Coyote/AP)

AMC’s “Breaking Bad” will premiere its fifth and final season on July 15 at 10 p.m. — the exact same time that USA network plans to unveil its not-about-the-Clintons Washington saga, “Political Animals.”

“Breaking Bad’s” final 16 episodes will be cut in half. The basic cable network will trot out eight episodes this summer — and you’ll have to wait until summer 2013 for the remaining eight.

Where we come from, that’s called “two seasons.” But in the wonderful world of TV contract negotiations, if you call it “one season in two parts,” it’s generally cheaper than “two seasons.”

Season 5A of “Breaking Bad” will be packaged with a new reality series about the wacky high-jinks of a family-owned security company in rural Georgia called “Small Town Security.” It’s scheduled for 11 p.m.

And starting Aug. 12, “Breaking Bad” will enjoy a “Hell on Wheels” lead-in at 9.

“Breaking Bad’s” timeslot competition, “Political Animals,” you’ll remember, is about a former first lady (who’s former POTUS husband was a bit of a rover) who makes an unsuccessful bid for the presidency herself, after which she is named secretary of State by the new POTUS. It stars Sigourney Weaver as Not-Hillary Clinton, Ciaran Hinds as Not-Bill Clinton and Adrian Pasdar as Not-Barack Obama.