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‘Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp’ producers sued by Kyle Massey and family, who claim credit for the show

Bristol Palin and her son, Tripp. (Richard Knapp/2012 A&E Television Networks)

When Lifetime’s cable cousin BIO originally announced its Bristol Palin docu-soap last year, it was actually a reality show about Bristol moving from Alaska into the home of actors Kyle and Christopher Massey — Kyle and Bristol having become BFFs while they were both contestants on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” (BIO and Lifetime are both owned by A&E Television Networks.)

That show never materialized. And in February, Lifetime announced it would do a reality series with Bristol and her son, Tripp, only — nary a Massey in sight — called “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp,” and with the same production company, Associated Television International.

Kyle Massey, left, became BFF with Bristol while they competed on “Dancing With the Stars.” (Adam Larkey/ABC)

While shooting the original show that would co-star the Masseys, press reports got out about an incident where a guy got into a screaming match with Bristol at a bar, calling her mom a woman of ill repute, and Bristol responded by asking him whether he was “a homosexual?” The scene appeared in Tuesday night’s premiere. At the time, reports said Kyle was unhappy about the direction of the show, and that it was being scrapped — which BIO denied.

Originally, the show was going to be called “Bristol-ogy 101,” TMZ reported.

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