Bristol Palin will star in a new reality show. (Andy Kropa/GETTY IMAGES)

Bio cable network has ordered 10 half-hour episodes of an as-yet-unnamed reality series in which Bristol – the country’s most famous unwed-pregnant-daughter-of-vice-presidential-candidate-turned-abstinence-advocate-turned-“Dancing with the Stars”-competitor moves from Alaska to Los Angeles with her son and moves in with “her good friends Chris and Kyle Massey,” while working for a small children’s charity – the name of the particular charity is still under wraps.

One source with knowledge of the situation told The TV Column the show would be a sort of  “Three’s Company” meets “Three Men and a Baby.”

Plan is to have the show air on Bio first, then on A&E and then on Lifetime networks.  All three networks fall under the A&E Television Networks (AETN) banner – which is mostly owned by ABC parent Disney and the Hearst Corporation, with Comcast/NBC/Universal also owning a smaller stake.

Bristol and Kyle – rapper and star of Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven” and  “Cory in the House”  -- were both competitors on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” last fall. The two were that season’s youngest competitors – and ones many people presumed would be eliminated from the competition quickly. Instead, Bristol wound up finishing third, and Kyle second, behind only winner Jennifer Grey.

Kyle Massey with his “DWTS” partner, Lacey Schwimmer. (Adam Larkey/ABC)

Kyle has a relationship with the new show’s production house Associated Television International; he works on its syndicated clip show called “World’s Funniest Moments” and the two Massey brothers also have been “roving reporters” on the company’s production of the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade.

So they all got together and brainstormed and out popped this new, as yet unnamed, series.

Meanwhile, Bio channel was looking for its signature stamp – you know, like A&E has “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” and “Hoarders” and Intervention” and “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and “Storage Wars.” Bio’s reality series include the lesser-known  "Aftermath With William Shatner," "Celebrity Ghost Stories," "I Survived...," and "Paranormal State.”

“Since [‘Dancing’], Bristol, Kyle and Kyle’s brother, actor Christopher Massey, have become best friends,” Bio said in Monday’s announcement.

“So much so that, since Bristol and Tripp have to move to Los Angeles for her new job, she decided to move in with the Massey brothers, who are also about to realize how much their lives are about to change.”

Golly, if only we got a buck every time an announcement for a new reality TV series included the phrase “about to realize how much their lives are about to change.”

 Oh, and FYI, Christopher Massey, played Michael Barrett in Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101.”

“As Bristol Palin gears up for her work in this charity, she is allowing cameras exclusive access into her personal life for the first time,” Bio gushed, calling Bristol “the most famous single mother in America.”

Bristol Palin, left, and her partner Mark Ballas during her stint on “DWTS.” (Adam Larkey/AP)

Bristol Palin is, by now, an old hand at this game. She spent that season on “Dancing with the Stars”; she also showed up sometimes on TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” And she reportedly had been in talks to allow cameras exclusive access into her personal life for the first time back, as Bio puts it, for a reality TV series when she and Tripp’s dad, Levi Johnston got back together briefly and announced their betrothal to the world – and her parents -- in Us magazine.

Oh, and in anticipation of your question: our source says it’s not clear yet whether Sarah Palin will pay a visit to the Palin/Massey household during the run of this new Bio show. Bio hasn’t gotten back to us yet on that one.

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