Remember how Discovery’s TLC cable network announced a few days ago it had bought that fast-tracked one-hour documentary about sacked “Two and Half Men” star Charlie Sheen, called “Charlie Sheen: On the Brink”?

Sadly, it was not fast-tracked enough.

A&E Television Networks’ Bio channel announced Thursday it’s bought a faster-tracked one-hour docu, “Charlie Sheen: Bad Boy on the Edge” and will slap that baby on its schedule this coming Sunday, March 20, at 9 p.m. ET.

TLC’s “Charlie Sheen: On the Brink” was cheduled for Sunday, March 20 – at 10 p.m.

Tough break, TLC.

The two projects are, however, totally different and, as serious students of television you’ll want to watch both.

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“Charlie Sheen: On the Brink,” for instance, will include footage from NBC News’s recent interview with Sheen, mostly seen on NBC’s “Today” show (The TLC docu is being produced by Peacock Productions (cough*KabletownNBCUniversal2.0*cough).

Bio’s “Charlie Sheen: Bad Boy on the Edge” will include an interview with ABC News “20/20’s” Andrea Canning, who did that February sweep sit-down with Sheen that aired on the newsmag, as well as on “Good Morning America” (ABC parent Disney is a big stakeholder in AETN).

TLC promises “CS: OtB” will explore “if Sheen’s recent actions are a carefully crafted media stunt or the result of years of drug addiction finally taking its toll.”

Bio swears “CS: BBotE” will weigh in on whether Sheen’s “current state of affairs” are “in control, off the rails, or simply on the brink of a major disaster.”

TLC brags its Sheen show will include comments from the media who have covered the actor, as well as addiction and behavioral specialists.

Bio boasts it’s going to serve up drug rehab experts, as well as journalists who have covered Sheen’s career.

TLC’s special will include MacKenzie Phillips, chatting about life as a celebrity who has dealt with drugs and recovery.

Bio is confident it can trump that: Danny Bonaduce, Bret Michaels, and “adult film actress Capri Anderson.”