Yes, before there was Ryan Seacrest, Murrow pioneered the celebrity TV interview show via this live program, which debuted in 1953.

Charlie Rose, recently named one of the co-hosts of the network’s latest stab at morning infotainment, plays Murrow — sort of. He will co-host this resuscitated franchise, with Lara Logan.

The new version will retain many of the elements of the iconic original, CBS News promised in Thursday’s announcement.

Charlie Rose (CBS)

CBS News promises the show “will allow guests to introduce friends and family members and show off items of personal or professional significance.

What they did NOT promise in Thursday’s announcement, is that the show would be live.

Too bad.

“We have dreamed about bringing a modern version of this great program.. back to CBS for years – and now it is happening,” CBS News chairman Jeff Fager enthused in Thursday’s announcement.

Susan Zirinsky, who already is exec producer of CBS News’s “48 Hours Mystery,” will exec produce “P to P,” along with Judy Tygard, who is already senior producer of “48 Hours.”