Dennis Quaid is not amused. (Richard Cartwright/CBS)

If you’re a fan of Dennis Quaid in a 10-gallon hat, on a horse, with a gun, and a scowl — or Michael Chiklis, in full 60’s sin-city mobster gear — start looking for their CBS series “Vegas” on Friday nights, starting April 5.

They’ve been deposed from their Tuesday 10 p.m. timeslot by that ambitious cop destined to become the youngest police commissioner in New York City history who stars in “Golden Boy,” played by Theo James — that guy who died in Lady Mary Crawley’s “Downton Abbey” bed.

James’ “Golden Boy” got a major endorsement from CBS Thursday. The midseason series was supposed to get two tryouts on Tuesdays — NCIS Night — at 10, after which the plan was to ship it to Fridays.

Well, “Golden Boy” had those two tryouts, last week and this, and, after seeing the ratings results, CBS suits have handed it the keys to the timeslot for the rest of the TV season.

“Golden Boy” will still air this coming Friday, as originally planned, just to keep it humble. Then it heads back to Tuesday.

In its two Tuesday broadcasts, “Golden Boy” didn’t actually burn up any ratings turf — averaging nearly 10 million viewers and a 1.7 rating with 18-to-49 year olds who are the currency of CBS ad sales.

But, with ABC’s “Body of Proof” coming in flat-ish in the timeslot, and NBC’s “Smash” a ratings wreck, “Golden Boy” managed to win its hour both of its two Tuesdays.

Since the timeslot competition isn’t expected to get any stiffer the rest of the season, “Golden Boy” will get good sampling, following “NCIS: Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, “Vegas” migrates to Fridays where, ironically, it will pair up with “Blue Bloods” — the CBS series about the oldest New York City police commissioner in CBS history, Francis Reagan, played by Tom Selleck.

“Vegas” and “Blue Bloods” have lots in common — both high on tonnage, low on younger skewing viewers. CBS can monetize that on Friday nights.

“Vegas” doesn’t actually start on Fridays at 9 until April 5, which is when CBS’s NCAA Basketball Tournament coverage has wrapped.

This is that most wonderful time of year when CBS scheduling gurus test shows in new timeslots to help figure out its next season schedule. CBS, of course, is looking for a drama with which to replace “CSI: NY” on Fridays next season.

CBS plans to air “Vegas’s” six remaining unaired episodes consecutively on Friday nights.