New hosts Erica Hill, Gayle King and Charlie Rose (GETTY IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES)

It will be called “CBS This Morning.”

Yes, that’s the same name the CBS network morning infotainment show had from the late 80’s through the late 90’s, when Harry Smith, Kathleen Sullivan, Mark McEwan and Paula Zahn were among the on-air faces.

The name stuck until the late 90’s, when CBS was looking to nuke the program, come up with a different format, and have the show headlined by “Today” show’s least likeable on-air talent Bryant Gumbel, teamed with Jane Clayson.

Last month, CBS confirmed “The Early Show” was being scrubbed and Rose and King would be joined by Erica Hill for a new show with a new format that would feature more hard news, less pap – and no weather and definitely no cooking.