Drew Carey and Charlie Sheen on GSN’s new improv show. (GSN)

Charlie Sheen: CBS’s loss, GSN’s gain.

The ousted “Two and a Half Men” star will be a guest on the second night of GSN’s new “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza” daily series, on Tuesday, April 12, the network – formerly known as Game Show Network, kind of like how AMC used to be American Movie Classics – announced Wednesday.

“He may have tiger’s blood, but does he have the eye of the tiger necessary to excel at the formidable art of improv?” GSN faux wondered in its announcement. Raise your hand if you too are getting over the “tigers’ blood” gag.

Anyway, “Improv-A-Ganza” is hosted by Drew Carey, as the show’s full name suggests. It features a whole flock of improv comics acting out scenarios that are lobbed their way. Yes, it’s similar to ABC’s old “Whose Line is it Anyway?” on which, not coincidentally, Carey served as a host and producer. It even features some of the same improv pros.

Anyway, the 40-episode live-improv series was already taped, in January and February, at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Sheen will appear in the second episode, in a sketch about – you know it’s coming – separating men from trolls. Carey, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Greg Proops got stuck…er, got to perform, with Sheen.

We think this is big of Sheen to help out Carey’s new show launch.

Carey, you’ll remember, is the guy who said – before Sheen was actually given the hook by “Two and a Half Men” production house Warner Bros. TV, but there was already buzz he might get the sack -- that all Warner Bros. and CBS had to do would be “bring in someone you can plug into a Charlie Sheen-like character and deliver those kinds of lines. There are 100 actors who could do it.”

That was in a conversation Carey had with the Associated Press, and he did add that he wasn’t dismissing Sheen’s comedic talent, and acknowledged the CBS sitcom’s ratings might take a hit.