“Anger Management” (PRASHANT GUPTA)

 Sure, you might say, that’s a big comedown from the season average of 13-16 million-ish he used to enjoy when he headlined CBS’s “Two and a Half Men.”

 But Sheen’s a cable TV star now, and 5.5 million makes the “AM” launch the most watched scripted primetime comedy series premiere in cable history – excluding children’s programming.

It’s also is the most watched series premiere, drama or comedy, in FX history.

 The story was much the same among the 18-49 year old viewers FX targets, except the crowd there was about 2.7 million.

 After the premiere, the second episode delivered even more viewers – 5.74 million, to be exact, including 2.9 million in the key age bracket.

Sheen’s new show enjoyed a great launchpad; FX aired a “Two and a Half Men” marathon, featuring episodes of Sheen’s choosing.

 Later, the series premiere of FX’s new late night show, “BrandX,” starring Russell Brand, averaged 1.1 million viewers – 687,000 of them in the age bracket.