Finally, some “Dancing With the Stars” controversy. It’s been a relatively quiet season, but the blogosphere lit up Tuesday after Maks and Len exchanged harsh words Monday night. Len said Maks and Hope’s dance was the worst of the season; Maks said Len should get out of the dance industry. Oh, and Maks added that “this is my show,” which surely went over great with his fellow pro dancers.

Anyway, the show: After J.R. Martinez and Karina win Best Dance of the Week and are asked to perform their quickstep again, Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke Charvet launch into the results. Could J.R. and Karina possibly be the next pair eliminated?! No. No, they are safe.

Over in the Celebriquarium, Brooke chats with J.R. and Nancy Grace, and she asks Nancy how it feels to have gotten her best score yet on Monday night. “Well, that’s a pretty hard act to follow right there,” Nancy says, gesturing to J.R. “Plus, did you know he’s a war hero? I don’t know if you’ve heard about that.” Uh oh — the real Nancy Grace is about to emerge. We haven’t really been liking this “nice” Nancy, anyway.

First special guest of the night is the same special guest as last night — Kristin Chenoweth emerges again to look forlorn and sing “Some Lessons Learned” while the professional dancers spin and do acrobatics on the dance floor.

Results time again — flashback to Ricki Lake continuing to dominate the competition and Nancy looking especially frightening with a huge, fake smile during her routine to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

Ricki and Derek are safe!

Nancy and Tristan are safe!

Time to look back at how stressed out all the celebrities are from dancing, and how difficult it is, and how they all want to win. David Arquette: “It feels like I’ve been dancing forever on this show.” Chaz Bono: “You’re keeping the schedule of a professional athlete, but you don’t have the years of training.” J.R.: “Mentally, it takes a toll.” Etc.

Disney/“High School Musical” star Corbin Bleu appears out of nowhere to start a routine choreographed by Kenny Ortega, and is soon joined by lots of people in tuxedos, though he’s the only one who gets an awesome cane. Soon the tuxedos come off, and the dancers start climbing all over cages. It’s very different than “High School Musical,” to say the least, but the dance soon segues back to “HSM” territory with lots of bright lights and neon-colored costumes.

Country Music Association award-nominated Martina McBride — who happens to be performing on the CMA Awards on ABC next week — has to sing, but then it’s time for David/Kym and Chaz/Lacey to find out their fate. Chaz gets angry backstage and managed to get bleeped, while being furious that the judges compared him to a cuddly penguin after already comparing to him to an ewok. “Bruno [bleep] makes comments every week ... like I’m some fat troll dancing with this beautiful woman every week, and I’m sick of it,” Chaz fumes.

David and Kym are safe!

Chaz and Lacey are, not shockingly, in jeopardy. And no one could look less surprised than Chaz and Lacey.

Time to address last night’s big outburst. Brooke corners Hope and Maks in the Celebriquarium. Hope defends Maks and says that at least he speaks his mind.

Brooke turns to Maks: “Aren’t the judges entitled to their opinions?” she asks him cautiously. “Of course. So are we,” Maks snaps. But then he becomes slightly more apologetic, especially with his whole “this is my show” comment. Maks continues: “The one thing I really want to apologize for is that I kind of had an idea in my head, and it came out wrong. It’s not my show, I’m part of a very large cast, and I’m very proud of being here.”

Well, that wasn’t very exciting. But then we do get a fantastic shot of the judges’ faces Monday night when Maks went on his whole “this is my show” rant, as Carrie Ann’s mouth literally drops open. “Did he just say, ‘This is my show’?” she asks rhetorically.

As for results: Rob and Cheryl are safe!

And since they’re not going to eliminate Chaz and Lacey like that, this means that Hope and Maks are in trouble.

Which pair will be eliminated? The couple with the pro who has a bad attitude, or the couple with the star who can’t dance? And the answer is ... Chaz and Lacey.

Not looking too shocked, Chaz and Lacey talk with Tom and Brooke. “I came on this show because I wanted to show America a different kind of man,” Chaz says. “I know that if there was somebody like me on TV when I was growing up, my whole life would have been different.”

And with that, Chaz and Lacey share one last dance.

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