Fox News Channel’s Sunday Beltway show host Chris Wallace responded Sunday to Comedy Central faux-news show’s host Jon Stewart’s response to Stewart’s appearance on Wallace’s show one week earlier.

Still with me?

“Now, the surprising fallout from our interview last Sunday with Jon Stewart. I figured it would get some reaction, but not that it would light up the internet,” Wallace said Sunday, noting that “one of Jon’s arguments was that the bias of the mainstream media is not to push a liberal agenda”

Cut to clip of Stewart from that sit-down, saying, “Who is the most consistently misinformed media viewers, the most consistently misinformed? Fox. Fox viewers. Consistently. Every poll.”

Stewart, of course, got the jump on Wallace, in re correcting his statement because his “The Daily Show” is telecast Monday through Friday. Stewart did so the Web site PolitiFact looked into Stewart’s claim. Wallace did so too, for his viewers, on Sunday.

Then Wallace veered off to mention a survey called “Misinformation in the 2010 Election” in which people were asked if the American economy was starting to recover or still getting worse, telling his viewers that if they thought the answer was “still getting worse” they were all wet. And, he added, “if you questioned whether climate change is occurring or whether ObamaCare will add to the deficit, you were also mistaken.”

Here’s the video: