Hours after CNN announced it was testing a new roundtable show called “(Get To) The Point” at 10 p.m. weeknights, temporarily replacing reruns of “Anderson Cooper 360,” CNN actually launched the show.

Here’s the gimmick: the show is guaranteed just one week on CNN’s lineup — it’s longterm fate depends on the response of you the viewer. Kind of like a PBS pledge drive.

It’s the kind of stunt we’ve come to know and love from CNN worldwide president Jeff Zucker — the guy who invented, for instance, sitcom “supersizing” when he ran the entertainment division at NBC — a TV scheduling innovation we now take for granted.

So how did “(GT)TP” — a roundtable talker featuring ad man Donny Deutsch, ESPN columnist Rick Reilly, author Margaret Hoover and ESPN’s NFL analyst Jason Taylor — do?

An average of 278,000 people tuned in at 10 p.m. Monday — 80,000 of them aged 25-to-54 years old, which is the currency of news programming ad sales. That’s 45 percent fewer viewers of all ages and 52 percent fewer in the demographic group, than the same day one year ago. It’s also 38 percent lower in the age bracket, 44 percent in the demo, than Anderson Cooper’s average in the slot in March.

But that’s just one night and the press seems to be doing its bit to spread the word about Zucker’s zany experiment.