CNN was up a whopping 80 percent in primetime and 79 percent in total day, ratings-wise, for the month of April, compared to same month in ’12. That’s the biggest year to year improvement by far of any ad supported cable network — news or otherwise.

How did CNN accomplish this feat?

Easy! By having its worst month, ratings-wise, in more than a decade in April of ’12, for the total day, and its worst in primetime in about two years (it was also CNN’s sixth lowest rated primetime ever among viewers of all ages).

But, hey, up is up. And, CNN finished April ’13 with more people watching it than, say, the much ballyhooed ABC Family and Comedy Central network — both of which had cleaned CNN’s clock one year earlier.

Still, CNN was no competition for Fox News Channel in April. FNC averaged nearly twice as many viewers as CNN in primetime, and more than twice as many viewers for total day.

FNC was, in fact, the No. 2 ranked ad-supported cable network for the month in primetime, behind only USA network. (It also finished behind Disney Channel; Disney Channel does not carry traditional ad breaks).

Last time FNC pulled that off during a non-election month was March of 2011, with coverage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.