Stephen Colbert decided to end his presidential run after the votes for Herman Cain in the South Carolina primary were lacking. (© Jason Reed / Reuters/REUTERS)

As Colbert explained, his whole “a vote for Herman Cain is a vote for Colbert” idea didn’t exactly work in the South Carolina primary — Cain got a whopping one percent of the vote. (But, Colbert countered, Cain got 45 votes in Iowa; 160 votes in New Hampshire; and 6,324 votes in South a “Colbert bump” does exist, after all!)

“It is with a heavy heart and a spastic colon that I am re-suspending Herman Cain’s suspended campaign,” Colbert announced on Monday night. “Also, I am hearby officially ending by exploratory committee to run for president of the United States of South Carolina.”

Here’s Colbert’s announcement. And if you think this means that he can easily get his Super PAC back after transferring it to Jon Stewart, then watch for a Stewart cameo to see he thinks of that idea:

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