Current TV is developing a primetime show with comic John Fugelsang, which he described Wednesday as “an attack ad on apathy, taking the flag back from phony patriots, taking the Bible back from the hypocrites and taking Bath Salts back from Glenn Beck.”

Fugelsang, who likes to remind TV critics he’s the guy who got Mitt Romney’s advisor to call Romney an “Etch-a-Sketch,” made the announcement during a live broadcast of Current’s ‘Talking Liberally: The Stephanie Miller Show” which was broadcast live from the breakfast room at Summer TV Press Tour 2012.

Fugelsang likes to say he’s in a unique position to take on religious right being the son of an ex nun and a former Franciscan brother. Get him to tell you about it sometime — it’s a great story.

“I view Jesus much the way I view Elvis,” he said. “I love the guy, but some of the fan clubs terrify me.”

His not-yet-titled show will launch in the fall.

You may have seen the actor, comic, commentator — who looks a lot like a young Kyle MacLachlan — on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Dennis Miller, CNBC, “Jay Severin Show,” “Politicially Incorrect” or CurrentTV where he’s been a frequent guest.

“They haven’t told me what they want,” Fugelsang said of his new bosses at CurrentTV. “I focus on the hypocrisy of the Christian right. You don’t hear my point of view too much in the media.”