Donald Trump appears on the “Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump.” (SCOTT GRIES/PICTUREGROUP)

*Donald Trump – no Jeff Foxworthy.

Comedy Central’s roast of Donald Trump — who says he can’t officially declare himself a presidential candidate until after NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” — attracted an average of 3.5 million viewers in its premiere Tuesday night.

Like his “Celebrity Apprentice” ratings these days, that roast ratings performance is not overwhelming.

Guess how many people watched the premiere of Comedy Central’s roast of David Hasselhoff, in August of 2010? If you guessed 3.5 million, you’d be right.

On the other hand, it’s slightly better than when the network roasted Joan River, in August of ’09. Then, just under 3 million tuned in to watch the roast premiere.

In March of ’08 Comedy Central roasted Bob Saget -- and logged 3 million viewers.

If you too are getting the idea there are around 3-to-3.5 million-ish people who like to watch in watching Comedy Central roasts, you’re in good company.

That said, the franchise appears to be getting a little long in the tooth:

Going back to August of ’07, when Comedy Central roasted Flavor Flav, 3.8 million watched its premiere.

In August of ’06, William Shatner was the roasted one, and nearly 4 million tuned in.

One year before that, Pamela Anderson climbed on the spit and copped more than 4 million viewers.

And way back in March of ‘05, the network’s skewering of comic Jeff Foxworthy attracted a whopping 6.2 million people.

Time to retire the roast?