“Cult” (Jack Rowand/THE CW)

CW has killed “Cult,” according to creator Rockne O’Bannon, little more than halfway through its first-season run.

 “Sadly true. CW Execs once called the last 5 episodes “outstanding”. I guess too outstanding. You are great, SMART fans. Thx to u all!” O’Bannon tweeted Wednesday.

And by “SMART fans” he meant the approximately 760,000 viewers the show had averaged.

 “Cult” told the story of Jeff Sefton, whose brother Nate believes a hit TV show wants to harm him, and then Nate mysteriously disappears. This causes Jeff to sit up and take notice, what with him being an investigative journalist. Intrepid Jeff uncovers the dark underworld of the cult TV show, which, in one of those happy coincidences, is called “Cult,” and stars a cult leader named Billy Grimm. At the time it was unveiled, CW suits said the show had become an obsession for its viewers who were taking their fixation to extremes in the real world.

 Just not enough of them.