AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw. (THE CW)

Generally it's lunacy to launch a new series at 8 — better to give it an established series as a leadin, driving viewers to the newbie.

Unless, of course, the new show stars some big pre-sold commodity.

Like, say, the Green Arrow — the DC Comics character introduced to the world in the '40s, and now starring in his own CW drama "Arrow," which premiered, at 8 p.m. one night in October and logged a whopping 4 million viewers - the biggest haul for a CW new series unveiling on any night in three years.

Putting "Arrow" at 8 actually boosted CW's older show, “Supernatural” at 9 - it enjoyed its biggest audience in two years that night and CW bagged its best Wednesday in two years.

“Arrow” scored a bigger rating among 25-to-54 year olds than it did with 18-to-34 year olds, maybe because Green Arrow is such an old franchise. Anyway, that was great news for CW, which is trying to broaden out its very narrow audience.

Which brings us back to Carrie Bradshaw who, of course, was the focus of the series “Sex and the City,” introduced to viewers in 1998 on HBO. She ran there six years, and can still be seen in syndication - of course, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

CW's Carrie is much younger, however — in her mid-teens and just hitting Manhattan; she'll be played by the much younger AnnaSophia

AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw (Giovanni Rufino/CW)