Paul Fisher in CW’s “Remodeled.” (SCOTT HUMBERT/THE CW)

 Remember “Remodeled,” the CW reality series about modeling agencies, starring weirdsmobile Paul Fisher, which the network yanked after just a few episodes? It’s coming back on July 9 for a do-over, taking it from the top, as though nothing ever happened.

 Canadian-produced “The L.A. Complex” is back for a second season, despite first-season ratings, starting July 17.

Following NBCUniversal’s London Summer Olympic Lollapalooza — more than 5,500 hours of competition, medal dispensing, etc. — CW will unveil its new musical chairs competition series “Oh Sit!” on Aug. 15; Jamie Kennedy and MTV Live’s Jessica Cruickshank host.

 The next night, CW kicks off the worst-named singing competition series yet, “The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep,” featuring mentors Joe Jonas, Nelly, Gloria Estefan and John Rich mentoring.

 These two late launches, and the Aug. 24 debut of the ‘America’s Next Top Model” college edition will help CW keep the lights on as it waits until October to launch its fall lineup, steering clear of the mid-September broadcast TV premiere madness.