Isaiah Washington (Matt Sayles/AP)

CW, which won’t unveil to advertisers its primetime plans for next season until Thursday, has nonetheless already plowed through its pilots and picked the survivors.

“The 100” is the number of juvenile delinquents who are sent back to earth to determine whether it can be re-colonized 97 years after the planet was rendered uninhabitable by nuclear war — like canaries in a coal mine. Cast includes the controversial Isaiah Washington.

“Star-Crossed” is about an alien high schooler (redundant?) who falls in love with a human girl at school.

“The Tomorrow People” have solved the world’s traffic congestion crisis, and our insane mobile device bills, possessing the ability to teleport and communicate telepathically. Take that, Verizon!

“Reign” looks at the sexy side of Mary Queen of Scots, when she arrived in France as a teen, with her three BFF’s in tow as ladies-in-waiting.

Of course, we already knew about the “Vampire Diaries” back-door pilot, “The Originals.

And, with the pickups of “Nikita” and “The Carrie Diaries,” CW has picked up all its current dramas for another season, though it’s unclear how many episodes each show will produce.

“Nikita”: Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex and Maggie Q as Nikita. (SVEN FRENZEL/THE CW)