Ralph Macchio got the week’s fewest points from the judges owing, in part, to a leg injury. (Adam Taylor/ABC)

“Dancing with the Stars” results show starts with Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy re-doing their Argentine Tango of Monday night. Watching Kirstie drape herself dangerously over Maks’s glass thigh never gets old.

Show host Tom Bergeron begins to blah, blah about how it’s been one of the show’s most popular seasons – for another week the show has attracted more viewers than “American Idol” – and, with the judges’ scores so close on Monday “there is every chance after how it went last night that your votes could have created an upset.”

This is competition series speak for “Ralph Macchio is not getting the hook despite having clocked only 46 judges points Monday – six points behind Romeo’s 52 points, and a big nine points away from frontrunner Chelsea Kane’s 55 points. (Last night: Insta-dance returns!)

Kirstie and Maks are told they have made it to the semi-finals; ditto Hines Ward and his dance partner Kym Johnson.

That leave just three couples left wondering if they survived this week’s cut and about 50 minutes to kill. What will they do?

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Michael Bolton, who was the first whacked from an earlier season on “Dancing,” is back to sing his new tune “I’m Not Ready” with Australian singer Delta Goodrem.

Celebriquarium hostess Brooke Burke contributes her trademark “What’s going through your mind” gag, lobbed in the general direction of Ralph, who got a Standing O from the judges on Monday – and their lowest scores -- after suffering a leg injury, then cautiously made his way through two dance routines with the bum leg – about which he talks incessantly.

Brooke then turns her laser-like interview skills on Romeo and Chelsea Kane, and gets them to admit they’re neither of them confident they will survive this week.

“It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to any of you. I don’t like this part,” Brooke squeaks emotionally.

This week’s Inspiring Dance Story is about the three Tuit boys, all dancers, who lost their dad when he was just 39. The oldest, Hefa, age 19, is now helping to support the family by dancing with Jennifer Lopez, Usher, and is now on tour with Chris Brown. The brothers perform for the studio audience.

Tonight’s special guest, Adele, was supposed to sing two numbers – the first a Carole King tune. Only poor Adele is having trouble with her “upper register,” Bergeron says, so Delta Goodrem has agreed to fill in with less than an hour to rehearse.

And still, only Kirstie and Hines know if they’re dancing next week.

But, what of poor Adele? Will her register be strong enough for her to sing her hit “Rolling in the Deep”? Adele is the Ralph Macchio of the pop music world and she powers through it. Performance Accomplished!

After all this, and a couple of especially lame “Dance Center” skits, modeled after a sports show, finally, it’s time to let the three remaining couples know what’s up.

The first celebrity still in jeopardy: Ralph Macchio. The second: Romeo. Chelsea Kane is safe.

One commercial break later, Bergeron reveals that America has, in fact, rallied behind Macchio and given him enough overall points to stay in the competition.

The fat lady has sung for Romeo.

Romeo says the show has changed his life forever. “I was terrified,” Romeo says. Before appearing on this show, “I turned down a lot of movies because I was afraid of dancing,” he elaborates/boasts.

Romeo says he hopes his weeks on “Dancing” show kids “anything is possible if you try.” Then he mentions his new movie a few times.

“He’s plugging to the end,” Bergeron notes.

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