Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus on ”DWTS” (Adam Taylor/ABC)

Sadly, “DWTS” didn’t play favorites, even after spending performance night repeatedly pointing out all of the famed singer’s contributions to Motown. After going head to head with Disney star Roshon Fegan in the bottom two “dance duel,” Gladys and her partner, Tristan, were sent packing by the judges.

“Of all the years that you’ve spent entertaining the world, you finally got your opportunity to dance,” Brooke Burke Charvet noted.

Gladys was gracious, and didn’t even mention that she finally got a chance to show the Pips that she could dance, too. “I am so amazed at this journey, Gladys said. “It’s been absolutely extraordinary.”

Tom Bergeron proclaimed that Gladys being in the bottom two couples after getting low scores was “bittersweet,” especially after reuniting with her singer pals on Motwown week. Still, Gladys just couldn’t compete with the excitable Roshon during the jive in the dance duel.

“I have so much respect for both of you,” said Carrie Ann afterwards, noting Roshon was sharp, and Gladys showed great control. Len thought Gladys danced from her heart, and that Roshon gave 100 percent effort. Bruno said Gladys is a “unique and special lady,” and that she made a difficult dance look easy. As for Roshon, Bruno admitted the dance fit him very well and his moves were immaculate.

But when it came down to a decision, Carrie Ann saved Gladys and Tristan. Len saved Roshon and his partner, Chelsie. Bruno is the tie-breaker...and he saved Roshon and Chelsie.

Also joining Gladys/Tristan and Roshon/Chelsie in the “in jeopardy” couples included Maria Menounos/Derek, along with Melissa Gilbert/Maks, who were both send back to safety.

Other highlights from results night:

* In the “what happened after the performance” footage from Monday night, we see William Levy shocked — shocked! — that Len thought the dance was raunchy, or as Cheryl clarified, “too sexy.” In fairness, it’s probably something he’s never heard before.

* Either an over-zealous producer hit the “applause” button, or people really don’t like Maria and Derek. After hearing that they were in jeopardy, the crowd immediately let out a loud cheer. Even Tom Bergeron was confused. “I don’t think you heard the ‘in jeopardy’ part before you were cheering,” he chastised the audience.

* During the weekly behind the scenes segment, the celebs all talk about their painful injuries at the halfway point in the competition. “I feel like an old lady,” Maria complains, while William doesn’t want to let a pesky torn ligament stop him from participating.

* Finally, can we agree that this week had the best music? Even the Boyz II Men performance was catchy.