Karina and Apolo (Adam Taylor/ABC)

Next week is the big finale on the first-ever “Dancing With the Stars” all stars season, and we know who won’t be making the trip — Apolo Anton Ohno and Emmitt Smith, leaving the three remaining women to duke it out next week.

In between a truly psychadelic performance by Paula Abdul and an appearance from about-to-be-overexposed pop band The Wanted, the Apolo and Emmitt said goodbye.

“Apolo, a true sportsman, you’ve been the consumate professional,” Brooke Burke Charvet intoned to the Olympic speedskater, who was the first person kicked off. Brooke twisted the knife: “How difficult is tonight, falling just one week short of the finals?”

“This competiton was hard from the begining and Karina’s...taught me so much about myself,” Apolo said, looking truly disappointed. “This show is amazing far beyond what the Mirror Ball Trophy has in store for people...”

After rambling on for awhile about gaining confidence, etc., Tom Bergeron was forced to cut him off — so long, Apolo.

Emmitt and Cheryl (Adam Taylor/ABC)

“It has been a tremendous experience,” Emmitt said, reminiscing about his first time on the show. “Season 3 was something else, but this right here takes it over the top.”

“After tonight, this show has lost a good chunk of charisma,” Tom Bergeron said wistfully, speaking for us all.

Next week: Shawn Johnson/Derek Hough, Melissa Rycroft/Tony Dovolani and Kelly/Val compete for the hideous-yet-coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.