Kirstie and Maks (Adam Taylor/ABC)

Kirstie, low on talent but high on entertainment value, didn’t look too surprised.

“To be asked to come back was an honor,” Kirstie said, as her partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy, smirked next to her. “I wanted to thank Maks because he’s so patient with me...and thank the judges because your critiques really helped me.”

To this, Maks shook his head, but in a “joking” rather than “evil” way — dancing with Kirstie this season really improved his sense of humor.

Since Election Night bumped a Tuesday results show last week, that meant another couple had to go — and Gilles Marini and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, but the dust.

This was a surprising elimination, given that Gilles is dreamy, and the dreamy guys usually stick around awhile. If only he had taken off his shirt more — that generally seems to help. Ask Apolo Anton Ohno!

But Gilles didn’t seem to be shocked, either. “I felt that because of the cumulative was a bit iffy,” Gilles confessed in his exit interview, referring to the fact that the past two weeks of scores were added together. He then called Peta an angel, and gave a shout out to his wife.

Gilles and Peta (Adam Taylor/ABC)

Kelly and Val chose the “caveman hustle” for Melissa and Tony

Emmitt and Cheryl chose the “knight rider banghra” for Shawn and Derek

Gilles and Peta chose the “big top jazz” for Apolo and Karina

Shawn and Derek chose the “espionage Lindy hop” for Emmitt and Cheryl

Kelly and Val, by default, get the “surfer flamenco”

And Apolo and Karina chose the “mad monk merengue” for Gilles and Peta — sadly, we’ll never see it.