History repeated itself on “Dancing With the Stars” Tuesday night as Disney singer/actress Sabrina Bryan was voted off in Week 6, after a perfect score the night before for a highly emotional dance — and being considered one of the front-runners in the all star season.

Sabrina and Louis on Guilty Pleasure Night. (Adam Taylor/ABC)

Anyway, the judges looked somewhat stunned as Sabrina bid goodbye.

“How do you process this? How much does this hurt?” co-host Brooke Burke Charvet probed earnestly, hoping for drama.

“This was my second chance,” Sabrina said, on the verge of tears. “I’m grateful for this experience, and ‘Dancing With the Stars’ honestly has been just an absolute dream.”

As usual, Tom Bergeron summed it up in his usual succinct way: “Week 6 sucks!”

Other highlights:

* There is no results show next week because, you know, election night. Tom Bergeron explained something about how next Monday was originally going to have an elimination at the end of the performance show, using judge scores and votes from this week, but they decided not to do that because lots of people couldn’t vote on Monday because of power outages, etc. Anyway...no one will be sent home next week.

* Speaking of strange things about next week, Derek Hough won’t be dancing with his partner, Shawn Johnson, because he injured a vertebrae in his neck. He was vague on the details about whether he will be back at all this season, even when Brooke Burke Charvet tried to force it out of him. Either way, Shawn’s former partner, Mark Ballas — having been eliminated with Bristol Palin a couple weeks ago — will be filling in.

* Taylor Swift performed, and appeared genuinely confused when Tom Bergeron compared her to Sean Connery. (It was a complicated joke involving her song, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and how Connery used to say he would never be James Bond again.) Luckily, Swift covered up any awkwardness by just exclaiming “Thank you so much!” Politeness is always her go-to move.

* Next week is “fusion” week, blending two dance styles together, and so here’s what we have to look forward to:

Kirstie and Maks chose tango/cha cha for Melissa and Tony

Kelly and Val chose Argentine tango/samba for Gilles and Peta

Apolo and Karina chose quickstep/samba for Kirstie and Maks

Melissa and Tony chose tango/paso doble for Shawn and Mark

Shawn and Derek chose rumba/samba for Emmitt and Cheryl

Sabrina and Louis chose cha cha/fox trot for Kelly and Val

By default Gilles and Peta chose cha cha/paso doble for Apolo and Karina