UK’s BBC4 just bought seasons 1 and 2 of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” because, its chief Richard Klein told a gathering of broadcasters Wednesday, “It’s well written, ambitious,” because “the characters are complex but flawed,” and because “it doesn’t have one of those patronizing homilies at the end of every episode,” trade publication Variety reported from London.

Plus, the channel is morphing into an arts, music, and cultural channel, and doesn’t have the budget any more to do much in the way of original programming.

Meanwhile, here’s “Parks” star Amy Poehler on Tuesday night explaining to CBS late night host David Letterman why she kissed VPOTUS Joe Biden when he guest starred on the show recently. Biden is her Leslie Knope character’s crush, Poehler explained -- her ideal man being someone with the brains of George Clooney and the body of Joe Biden.