Wizard Captain Keith Colburn (Rick Gershon/Discovery Channel)

As “Deadliest Catch” gets ready to wrap Season 7 — aka, The First Season After the TV-Time Death of Beloved Captain Phil Harris — the premieres of its episodes are averaging about 4.2 million viewers – down about 21 percent compared to the last, overwrought season.

In last week’s penultimate episode, the show’s Capt. Keith Colburn, winner of this season’s Saltiest Vocabulary Competition, engaged in a juicily worded physical scuffle with one of the show’s own cameramen, when the silly camerman called the captain on the ship’s phone to try to find the show producer.

You know how it is when a cameraman interrupts you as you’re doing your close-up, in which you are delivering a hum-dinger of a soliloquy about, well, yourself. Anyway, tempers flew -- and so did the cameraman, when Cussin’ Capt. Keith Colburn started shoving him around.

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