Members of the public lay flower opposite Utoya Island, following Friday's twin extremist attacks in Utoya, Norway. (Jeff J Mitchell/GETTY IMAGES)

The special, “Norway Massacre: The Killer’s Mind,” will air on Discovery Channel across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific beginning in August. Discovery did not say whether the project would air in the U.S.

Anders Breivik, 32, was arrested Friday after allegedly shooting nearly 90 people, many of them teenagers, at a Labour Party youth camp on an island outside Oslo. He is also accused of planting a bomb in Oslo that killed 7 at a government building that included the Norwegian prime minister’s office.

He said in a closed court hearing Monday that he attacked the country’s liberal party because, the “price of their treason is what they had to pay.”

Breivik, described in press reports as a Christian conservative, told the court that he committed the crimes to save Norway and Europe from cultural Marxism and Muslimization, according to press reports.

“Norway Massacre: The Killer’s Mind” will “examine the criminal mind and motives of one of the world’s worst killers,” Discovery Networks International said, adding that it would offer “detailed psychological analysis of the tragic events that took place in Oslo and Utoya.” The special will also explore the rise of the far right in Norway and Europe.

“Discovery has an office in Oslo and understands the extreme gravity of this situation and how it has affected all Norwegians,” said Luis Silberwasser, Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer, DNI. “The whole world is still in shock by the appalling tragedy that took place last week. This documentary special will explore the motivations that led to such a tragic loss of life and present the facts around the activities that left a nation in mourning.”